Nintendo is bringing another round of the Tetris 99 MAXIMUS CUP to the Nintendo Switch this month. Competing is easy – simply play Tetris 99 between April 12 and April 14.

This is the second such competition. The Tetris 99 2nd MAXIMUS CUP is a little different than the first one; this time, you won’t have to win first place to score points. Players earn points related to their placement after the match – the higher you place, the more points you’ll earn. It also means that consistently placing high could still put you in the lead, even if you don’t actually win a match. Here’s a handy table with the number of points you’ll win when you play.

Placement Points
1st 100
2nd 50
3rd 30
4th – 10th 20
11th – 30th 10
31st – 50th 5
51st – 80th 2
81st –  99th 0

Under this new points scheme, every 100 points counts as a TETRIS MAXIMUS.

What’s the reward for all this Tertis-ing? Apart from exercising your reflexes and increasing your spatial awareness, the top 999 players will also each receive 999 My Nintendo Gold Points to trade on games or goodies of their choosing.

If you’re not already a Nintendo Switch Online member, Nintendo is hoping that this is the time to test it out. In addition to the free-to-download software Tetris 99, members also gain access to online play and Save Data Cloud backup in compatible games, plus a selection of classic NES games with newly added online play and a smartphone app that enhances features of supported games.

Will you be competing in the tournament? Let us know how many Tetris MAXIMUS you’ll be scoring in the contest.