You may not be, to excited, by the title of the post. Who knows, you still may not be to excited after I tell you a little more, but I am sure some of you may be. For those who do not know, Stray Bullet is known  for there MMO games, like their first hit Shadowbane. Accoroding to a listing on their site. Stray Bullet is looking for a Wii programmer. Could this mean we will be seeing some type of MMO game coming to the Wii? Only time will tell.

Stray Bullet Games, an independent developer of Massively Multiplayer Online games, seeks an Experienced Sr. Programmer for our new Wii project. This is a full-time position at our offices in beautiful Austin, TX.

• Program, debug, and fine-tune game systems and features
• Work closely with the project team to implement the game vision
• Ensure technical quality of game code through testing and iteration
• Create and maintain technical documentation on game systems
• Contribute ideas to improve quality and fun

Desired Skill Set:
• 5+ years game development experience with multiple shipped titles
• Strong fluency in C++ with excellent debugging skills
• Strong math and problem-solving skills
• Experience in graphics, physics, control systems, gameplay, audio
• Experience developing and shipping title(s) on Wii and/or GameCube platform
• Experience on other platforms is a plus
• Experience with high-level scripting languages such as Python or Lua
• Able to write clear and maintainable code
• Able to work in a team environment and communicate well with others
• Able to provide realistic time estimates and work within schedule constraints
• College degree in Computer Science and/or equivalent experience
• A passion for creating fun and exciting games!