Okami Videos

I tried to post these videos earlier, from the Capcom site, through my youtube account, but they where over the size limit. Leave it to to provide these videos …
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Ton Of New OKAMI Screens
13 years ago

Ton Of New OKAMI Screens

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Okami Videos

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IGN Wiikly Review Summary

Matt talks “Deadly Creatures” by THQ: Think that it takes place in a wasteland, maybe after man is dead. One of the final stages could be a broken down gas station in middle of the destert. “Looks like it could be pretty cool. Graphics aren’t too bad for Wii.”

-Matt mentions that some people thought that the trailer shown on IGN is “CGI”. It in fact is NOT, according to THQ. It is real-time graphics. “Hopefully that’s true..” Says Bozon

-Not one of the “dark games” that they have been talking about. More stuff coming the week AFTER GDC about it. IGN wants to have a “correct blowout” for said dark game.

-DQ: Swords: “Pretty cool, very very thin. Straightforward. Perfect for 7-year old niece.”
“A cool un-gamer game.”-Bozon. More options needed in controls. Diagonals don’t always register as they should. “Could have been on Wii-Ware for $10.”-Bozon

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IGN Wiikly Review Summary

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Not sure why this is showing up now, but thanks to the people over at neogaf for putting this together.

Summary Complete:

Smash Bros.:

-Pikmin are multiple throw items.
-Matt has been trying to force himself into using the wii-mote only option. Fran a more core smash player, found he could do everything he needed to do with the option, though he still prefers to use the GC.
-Better than Galaxy/Metroid?? Matt: No, not for him. It is a really damn fine great fighter, but it does have some issues that need to be acknowledged.
-They haven’t decided who will review it, perhaps multiple people since its so huge


-Matt on SSE: Its not entirely polished, its a good single player mode but it does have its flaws
Some loading screens have ten second loads.
-Bozon “There may be a different ending i still gotta get”
-Bozon “It did start to get more fun, at about the 50% mark when you’re no longer playing to unlock characters and the evil presence really makes its mark and you want to start it”
-When it comes to review, even though we don’t love the single player much, we realize its a multiplayer oriented game so it won’t be doc’d a lot of points for what is essentially a side mode, they then go on to list the vast amounts of other side modes

MoH:Heroes Australia:

-No explanation provided for why there was no online
PR said it was a misprint on the box.


-We like it, fun Jenga-style game for the Wii, feels like it was designed for the Wii.
-Bozon originally thought it would be a mid 7.0’s game before going over to EA thinking it would be kinda meh, apparently after the EA visit he’s enthused about the game.
-Matt’s biggest let down was that in the level editor when you start to make huge levels, there could be some slow down, they hope its fixed prior to release.
-“Its one of those games that’ll get a score, but really its a fun game to play with the family”


-No advertising blowout, no TV commercials
-No New Content, but the controls are feeling better and it looks better.

Julian (Factor 5 President) Interview:

(Paraphrased responses but very accurate)

Q — Will this game push the Wii Hardware?
A — We want to push the hardware, for us its easy to push the hardware. A lot of it is exploiting the uniqueness of the Wii. On the graphical side of course we are going to try to out due everything else on the platform, like we did with the GC star wars games, but of course the emphasis is on the controls. He personally really loves the pointing device. Pointing stuff is probably the biggest innovation they are working on right now.

-Matt and Bozon talk a little about how some games over-use the waggle just to waggle(No specifics) then talk about PES and their innovative use of the IR.

Q — Are you going to use the nun-chuck controller?
A — I can’t comment yet, you try to design every game for the Wii to avoid the nun-chuck, but for some games the nun-chuck is a very viable option. When trying to go casual, the first barrier to over come is the ability to not have to use the nun-chuck.

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Capcom Talks Okami Wii Details
13 years ago

Capcom Talks Okami Wii Details

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Christian Svensson, Capcom’s senior director of strategy, has revealed some new details about Okami for Wii.  The full details were revealed on Capcom’s official forums:

IGN Wii-k in review podcast summary

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THQ Dan Ryan (associate game designer) on podcast
– Could see another Smackdown game next year
– Matt thinks it’d be crazy, since usually, it’s not considered a yearly franchise
– Bozon thinks first game was a great first step for the franchise
– Fun, great first effort
– Impossible to put in all modes, etc in first game for Wii plus motion controls with no problem
– Ryan says they read reviews, take everything into account
– Can’t confirm/deny there’s another game in the works
– May want to change the game to add more interaction
– Ryan knows fans had like it, but had bigger expectations, went to casual-gaming pick up and play audience
– Anyone could play, have fun with it immediately
– Mii functionality could be taken further – Ryan loves the Wii features, weather channel can be used, mail from characters, etc.

– During the podcast, Matt and Bozon are always shirtless
– Event like last year at Wrestlemania – may get more official news there
– More interesting guests on the show in the future – Ryan exits

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Bold 2007 Set the Stage for Broad 2008 Software Lineups for Wii and Nintendo DS

REDMOND, Wash., Jan. 16, 2008 – With their focus on fun for everyone, Nintendo’s Wii™ and Nintendo DS™ systems are leading a new movement in the world of video games. Games based on brain exercises. … New experiences that surprise even core gamers. … Grandparents buying video game systems – for themselves! Surely, these are unprecedented times.

“The video game industry has never had so many new players, and they’ve never had so much fun,” said Cammie Dunaway, Nintendo of America’s executive vice president of sales & marketing. “Our momentum is not limited to one system or one game. We’re going broad and bold in 2008, with something for every member of the family.”

Nintendo DS and Wii finished as the No. 1 and No. 2 best-selling systems of the year, respectively. Nintendo continues its momentum into 2008 with a strong lineup of games. In the first half of 2008 alone, more than 65 new Wii games will add to the current library of more than 195 and 80 new Nintendo DS games will add to the current library of nearly 500. Nintendo DS opens the first half of the year with games that demonstrate the breadth of the Nintendo DS library. Advance Wars®: Days of Ruin is a treat aimed squarely at core gamers, while Crosswords DS™ is for all consumers, whether they currently play games or not.

Likewise, the first half of 2008 brings a diverse array of Wii games from Nintendo, including core games like Super Smash Bros.® Brawl; games with universal appeal for gamers old and new with Mario Kart® Wii, which uses the easy-to-pick-up Wii Wheel™; and Wii Fit™, which comes with the Wii Balance Board and has appeal for new consumers well beyond the traditional video game audience. On top of all that, new downloadable WiiWare™ games will make their debut. These unique games have much lower entry barriers for developers and let consumers enjoy an incredibly diverse selection of content.

Third-party publishers also continue their strong support for Wii and Nintendo DS. Some of the innovative Wii games for the first half of 2008 include Ninja Reflex from Electronic Arts, No More Heroes™ from Ubisoft, DeBlob from THQ, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed from LucasArts and Okami from Capcom, in addition to compelling Nintendo DS games like FINAL FANTASY CRYSTAL CHRONICLES: Rings of Fate from Square Enix, Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword from Tecmo and Quick Yoga Training from Ubisoft.

The following is a partial list of Wii and Nintendo DS software for the first half of 2008. Note that details are subject to change.
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This Months Nintendo Power Info

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Previews: Apollo Justice, Brain Assist, Dinosour King, Dungeon Explorer: Warriors of Ancient Arts, Eco-Creatures: Save the Forest, The House of the Dead 2 & 3 Return, Insecticide, Mushroom Men, Robo-Revolt: Robocalypse Now, Sega Superstars Tennis, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, Super Dodgeball Brawlers, SSBB, WWII Aces

Alone in the Dark

– Edward Carnby – mysteriously transported to NYC
– Technique – momentarily clear your vision
– First/third person perspectives
– Switch to third person for action-oriented gameplay
– “Episodic” feel to the game
– Different control schemes which depends on context/actions
– Items available through Edward’s pocket, not inventory screen -> can combine items
– Puzzles present
– Can drive some cars – hot-wire mini-game occasionally

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EGM News, Release Dates, Reviews, & Rumors


  • Miyamoto shot down a Retro developed Twisted Metal clone because it had guns on cars
  • Red Steel 2 apparently being handed to another developer because it’s not …
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The 20 Games that You Should Have Played for 2007, But Didn’t
13 years ago

The 20 Games that You Should Have Played for 2007, But Didn’t

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12) Zak and Wiki: Quest for Barbaro’s Treasure (Nintendo Wii)

Every year videogame reviewers get on their soap boxes and try to get behind a lost cause to …
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Capcom Euro Release Dates

By  •  Wii

11/30/07 – Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles* (Wii) 12/07/07 – Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros’ Treasure (Wii) 2008 – We Love Golf! (Wii) 2008 – Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney …
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Nintendo Power News

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Release Dates

– Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney is coming out February 2008 – Okami (Wii) – spring 2008 – Sega Bass Fishing – Early 2008 – Along in the …
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IGN Wiikly Review Summary

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With IGN closing shop for the week thanks to Thanksgiving. IGN went ahead and put together their Wiikly review. With only a half week there still a lot of things talked about.


Galaxy sales
– 500k first week in the USA – Matt thinks it’s pretty phenomenal – biggest opening of any Wii game to date and shows people are still interested in traditional games on Wii.
– A LOT of games don’t get 500k in their entire worldwide lifespan.
– In local retailers Matt keeps seeing lots of people buying Galaxy, so he would be shocked if it didn’t have long legs through the holiday season.
– Matt and Mark are both baffled by the lukewarm reception of Galaxy by Japan. Matt attributes the low sales to a change in the market – games that performed well in the past are not doing as well these days, while games like Wii Sports and Wii Play are the main focusses in the market. There is a noticeable momentum shift.
– Matt thinks it is a travesty, along with the sales of Twilight Princess.

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Okami Wii Exact PS2 Port

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The game on Wii is going to be an exact port of the PS2 version and I think that’s what fans of the franchise want to see. This game has …
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IGN Wiik in Review: Summary

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Thanks to Alkaline from Neogaf for the summary.


– Both have been incredibly busy with Wii games – very overwhelmed. Have a massive backlog of games they need to cover – Zack and Wiki, Soul Calibur Legends, Manhunt 2, FIFA 08, Naruto, Smartypants, Fishing Master, Medal of Honour: Heroes 2, MX Untamed, Rayman Raving Rabbids 2, etc. At least 10 games they need to catch up on – they’re working on the reviews, but they’re taking a while because there’s so many to cover.

Zack and Wiki
– Was supposed to have the exclusive review on Zack and Wiki up tonight, but they couldn’t complete it – stuck on a really hard (but awesome) puzzle.
– Maybe half-way through the game, and don’t have any concerns about the length (about 15 hours).
– Difficulty is great, ramps up as the game progresses. Everytime you step into a new level, you’re confronted with more new and unique puzzles.
– Puzzles and controls are lots of fun. Definitely recommend it – will be an editor’s choice. Go and preorder it right now. One of the best 3rd party games on Wii. One of the very few Wii games that simply could not be replicated on another console. A “must-have title”.
– The puzzles are challenging, you may need to even get help from friends (which you can). “Best designed puzzles in a decade” – probably superior to Zelda. “The quality and consistency of these puzzles is just insane.”
– Don’t have many complaints – wish they would supply more puzzles through WiiConnect24, sometimes need to use exact motions yet sometimes it’s pretty much guess-work, sometimes trial-and-error gameplay might annoy.
– But it’s a really good game. Saw the GameInformer review – definitely not a mid-7’s game.
– Really smart puzzles and really beautiful (though sometimes framerate takes a dip). The animation is awesome – looks like you’re watching a cartoon. Lots of polish and little elements that many other developers would not even think about including. “Insane production values.”
– Next week there will be massive coverage of the game.

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