IGN Voice Chat Podcast Summary

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Voice chat is the new name for the Wiikly review. It also has a new day. (Thanks Alkaline for the Summary)


Smackdown vs Raw 2008
DS version
– Weren’t able to go hands on with it, but the DS version seems to be turning out great – just needs traditional control and fine-tuning.
– Developed by the makers of Rocket Slime. There’s actually an RPG system with an overworld system where you upgrade certain aspects of your character (eg: arm strength, leg strength, etc).
– Looks great – like No Mercy on DS. Phenomenal 3D models. Lots of cinematic stuff with the camera.
– Single-player only. It’s really only supposed to be an “RPG.” Matt thinks this might piss some people off.
– Needs traditional controls. Touch screen controls work alright but traditional controls really are needed.
– Also contains Create A Superstar for the first time. Hopefully this turns out to be the first good portable wrestling game.

Wii version
– Looks almost indentical to last year.
– Lots of motion used – control recognition has been refined. Uses a lot more motion than most Wii games.
– Still playing catchup, but this year there is over 30 new match types (eg: barbed wire).
– The wonky Success Mode is gone, replaced by Career Mode which is the same as what you will get on PS3/360.
– Online play for the first time on Wii. It will probably be quite bare-bones but it’s a start.
– Interactive entrances and finishes. Sounds gimmicky but it sounds like it could be fun. You can continue to beat your opponent even after a match.
– Create-a-finisher and some other PS3/360 content will not be in the Wii version. The Wii version is an entirely different beast.

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BUMP: May Nintendo Power Issue Summary- Trauma Center 2 (UPDATED with full Sumary)


Lock Nation
-developed by 5th Cell
– real time strategy
– play as an archineer that builds weapons/forts to protect against an army of robots
– 2 minute time span. After 2 minutes, you battle the left-over enemies directly via touch-screen control

Trauma Center: Under the Knife 2 s
-Features Derek Stiles and Angie Thompson

-New operations, new story, new and old characters
-Plot focuses on GUILT aftermath and mysteries surrounding the virus
-Gameplay remains similar to the first game
-Some tools will have improved functionality (no word on any new tools)
-Easy difficulty setting for greater accessibility
-Summer 2008

We Ski
-Balance board compatible
-Remote + nunchuk used to gain momentum
-Turn remote/nunchuk left and right to steer if you’re not using the balance board
-Single player only with balance board, up to 4 players with controllers
-May 2008

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GameFly Top 5

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Nintendo Wii

1. Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Nintendo) 2. Okami (Capcom) 3. Mario Kart Wii (Nintendo) 4. Super Mario Galaxy (Nintendo) 5. Baroque (Atlus)

Nintendo DS

1. Ninja Gaiden …
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This Months EGM Info and Rumors

In this Issue – SOCOM cover story. – Feature on downloadable games. – Small feature on recycled game ideas. – Previews: 50 Cent II, Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, GTA …
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IGN Nintendo Voice Podcast Summary

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Just a reminder “Nintendo Voice” is the new name for IGN podcast.

Rock Band

– Coming out in June, 63 songs (5 exclusive), offline multiplayer, in stereo
– Missing important features – downloadable content, online – yet, still costs the same
– Basically a port of PS2 version
– Rushing the game


– Launching in Japan tomorrow
– Videos, interface, etc. will be available

Final Okami version in office

– 16 X 9 mode is perfect
– Runs at 30 FPS, sometimes dips
– Good, not better than Twilight Princess
– Better looking on Wii than on PS2

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The Sim Exchange Predictions For March

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March NPD Software Sales Futures (03/2/08 – 04/5/08)

Title Prediction %Change Army of Two (Xbox 360) 363K copies -0.03% Army of Two (PS3) 182K copies 0.00% Bully: Scholarship Edition …
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64 New Okami Screens
13 years ago

64 New Okami Screens

 See The Rest At My Flickr Account HERE

Capcom Press Site

Just a little side, I hate Vista note. It took me forever to upload these files. …
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Official Okami Boxart
13 years ago

Official Okami Boxart

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This is coming straight from Capcoms press site:

April Nintendo Power Summary

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Mario Kart Wii

Fatal Frame: The Mask of the Lunar Eclipse (Wii, Tecmo/Nintendo)
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time/Darkness (DS, Nintendo)
New International Track & Field (DS, Konami)
Death Jr.: Root of Evil (Wii, Eidos)
Bleach: Dark Souls (DS, Sega)
Bangai-O (DS, Treasure)
SNK Arcade Classics Vol. 1 (Wii, SNK)
Facebreaker (Wii, EA)
FFCC: My Life As a King (WiiWare, Square Enix)
LostWinds (WiiWare, Frontier)
WiiFit (Wii, Nintendo)

Wii Channels (WiiWare/VC coverage)
Major League Eating (WiiWare)
1080 Snowboarding
Adventures of Lolo 2
Columns III: Revenge of Columns
Lords of Thunder
Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers
Harvest Moon
Operation Wolf

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Capcom Gamer Day Dated
13 years ago

Capcom Gamer Day Dated

Capcom gamer’s day is like a little Capcom E3, where Capcom shows off there titles coming out for this year, or the next. One of the big games …
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Okami Delayed!!

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Taken from

In laying out its release lineup for the first half of the year in mid January, Nintendo gave the game’s fervent following happy tidings, marking Okami for …
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IGN Wiik In Review Summary
13 years ago

IGN Wiik In Review Summary

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 Thanks to Milabrega for the summary: 

-Full widescreen now
-No paper filter likely since they didn’t mention that

Biohazard 0:
-Japan only release right now
-Not a remake, not going to be running 16:9

Crap Games (Podcast Filler?):
-Agatha Christy = 4.9
-Kidz Sports International Soccer = 1.0 “A total turd”
-London Taxi Rush Hour = looks like a bad n64 game

MX Vs. ATV Untamed:
-Floaty, Frame rate is kind of weak

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New Poll: What do you think of Nintendo’s Pay & Play service?

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Hey everyone, thanks for participating in our first poll this past week by voting for your “Most anticipated Wii game of 2008!”  We’ll be continuing to do our polls every …
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IGN Wiikly Review Podcast Summary

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HotD 2&3
-pretty much just a port of the Dreamcast 2 and Xbox 3. 60fps though
-stretched at 16:9
-great calibration.
-new exclusive mode for one of the games, info next week
Sega Superstar Tennis
-actually looks pretty good
-at 60fps. chugs a bit during some of the minigames.
-really just like virtua tennis with the Wii remote and Sega characters
-DS game not as elaborate as the console games, barebones even, but still pretty solid
-no online for Wii or DS
-good if you’re bored with Wii Sports
Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword
-Craig doesn’t think it will do well.
-pretty darn fun
-Matt surprised how much he liked it.
-they’re all pretty confident that it’ll be good.
Mario Kart Wii
-visuals: not very pretty
-low poly, shiny texture passover, 60fps, great sense of speed, FUN
-played it for 10 minutes, didn’t really get the hang of it
-More analog than digital compared to excite truck
-finding the center is the biggest problem
-lots of opportunity for boost
-boost is changed to destroy snaking, works quite a bit
-2p split screen online

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How to Play Okami for Wii
13 years ago

How to Play Okami for Wii

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Here is a screen shot showing how to control the Wii version of Okami. I’ve heard a lot of good things about the Wii controls for this game, so …
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GDC2008: New Okami Videos

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One note about Okami for Wii, Capcom confirmed that the game will run in 16:9 widescreen despite what IGN reported last week.