EDIT: Wii Releases Q1 2007

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Nintendo has updated their HUGE Wii release schedule again for Q1 2007. This news comes via Infendo. Hopefully all of these dates will stick.

EDIT: Changed Wii Play to …
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NEW! Sonic and the Secret Rings Trailer

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Sega released a new trailer for Sonic and the Secret Rings on their official game website. The trailer is pretty long and shows off a lot of gameplay. Everything …
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Sonic Not Wild Anymore?

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Sonic Team has revealed today that the Wii-exclusive “Sonic Wild Fire” has received a final name. The new Sonic game will now be known as “Sonic and the Secret …
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the discovery of the gaming world

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ive been a hardcore gamer since the days of the gamecube, however ive been playing games since the snes days. back then i didnt know who even created mario, …
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