Wondering what we’ve been playing lartely? The Pure Nintendo playlist is back with a deep dive into the games on everyone’s most-played list.

We’re enjoying a wide variety of titles, spanning everything from Kirby to Pokémon. Not to mention the fact that the latest round of new tracks has been released for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe; you’ll notice a lot of us are enjoying it at the moment.

We also love our indie games. There are many interesting and even quirky titles on our playlist this week. Card-based games like Inscryption and DOS-themed experiences like Buddy Simulator 1984 are just a couple of highlights.

Of course, there are other big names on the playlist. We’re still shooting inklings aplenty with Splatoon 3, and the controversial Bayonetta 3 is also doing the rounds. There are so many great games to enjoy lately!

Only one questions remains; what are you playing right now? We’d love to know the games taking up space on your Switch!

Pure Nintendo playlist


  • Kirby and the Forgotten Land (Switch) – I’m eight months late to the party, but I finally picked up the pink puffball’s latest. I’m playing it in co-op with my wife, and while the camera can be restrictive sometimes, we’re having a lot of fun.
  • Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (Switch) – The latest wave of tracks has drawn me back. Looking forward to the next PN game night when I can demonstrate my skills…or lack thereof, haha.
  • RiffTrax: The Game (Switch) – Get the right group together, and you have my dark horse for top five Switch games of 2022.
  • Super Kiwi 64 (Switch) – It’s not a long game, but my review has taken longer than expected. It’s pretty fun for what it is, but lacks some polish.


  • Romancing Saga – Minstrel Song – Remastered (Switch) – My first Romancing Saga game! It’s definitely a weird one to get into despite my affinity for JRPGs, but I’m starting to settle into it nicely.
  • Chained Echoes (Switch) – I’ve been following development of this game from Matthias Linda for quite a while, and it’s been worth the wait for far. Gorgeous 16-bit graphics, a shifting narrative, and unique elements in the typical turn-based battle system help it stand apart from the myriad retro JRPGs available for Switch.
  • RiffTrax: The Game (Switch) – My daughter (and PN contributor), Sophie, starts her college break this weekend, so we’ll likely engage in a few rounds before she moves on to Mario Kart or Home Sheep Home with her siblings.

Roger Reichardt

  • Chained Echoes (Switch) – Being a fan of RPGs, Chained Echoes has been on my radar and I am loving what I have played so far. The story is well done and the combat is inventive, yet familiar. I’m excited to continue my journey with this game.
  • Inscryption (Switch) – If anyone has followed the Pure Nintendo Podcast (if you haven’t you should) you’ll know that I’m a fan of card games. And boy, Inscryption takes the basic card game premise and changes it up. It’s creepy and weird and I’m loving it. I’m not entirely sure what’s going on, as the game is as much about unraveling the mystery as it is playing the actual card game, but it’s intriguing for sure. Stay tuned for my review.


  • It Takes Two (Switch) – Just finished playing this game Wednesday night. My partner and I had a lot of fun working as a team and playing together. I’ll be writing up my review for It Takes Two this weekend!
  • Splatoon 3 (Switch) – Ever since Splatoon 3 came out many other players and I have experienced numerous connection issues and just bad gameplay all around. It’s been tough, waiting in lobbies, disconnecting mid match, extreme lag. I’m a big fan of Splatoon and I play a little every day, but so far I am not having near as much fun as I did while playing Splatoon 2. Hopefully that will change soon with more updates.
  • OlliOlli World (Switch) – I like a good Skate game, so I decided to checkout Ollie Ollie World. It’s super challenging if you’re a completionist. It’s very fast paced too, so it’s hard to remember how to do certain tricks (which are all done with very specific flicks, in any direction using the joystick). I may have to give up on completing every goal (for now), but either way I’m having fun trying.


  • Bayonetta 3 (Switch) – Finally getting around to playing Bayonetta 3 and I’ve got to say, it’s a really good time. While my memory of Bayonetta’s story is…apparently not what I remembered, Bayonetta 3 starts off strong and I can’t wait to see where it goes.
  • Mario Party & Mario Party 2 (Switch Online) – I have a Mario Party addiction to feed and these classics are a blast to go back to. Mario Party 2 is my favorite in the series and replaying it has been a true delight. Mario Party is also fun to go back to but, is it me or is the original Mario Party WAY more mean to you than I remember?
  • Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (Switch) – Booster Course Wave 3 is out and it means more courses for Mario Kart – so of course I’m going to play them repeatedly. Need I say more? :)
  • Super Kiwi 64 (Switch) – Yeah….I don’t really know why either. It was $3 and someone said 3D platformer and…Yeah. Not proud of this one.


  • Buddy Simulator 1984 (Switch) – I’ve been playing this one for my latest review, and it really took me by surprise. It takes ‘retro’ to the extreme by emulating a DOS-like experience, complete with text-entered commands, before switching things up and evoiving into something more visual thanks to your AI ‘buddy’. It’s part creepy, part sweet, and all fun. Check out my full review for more details!
  • Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (Switch) – Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is the gift that keeps on giving, with new tracks appearing at random intervals throught 2022 (and more to come next year!). I am just as excited each and every time they’re released, and this latest batch is super fun as always. Wactch for my upcoming review of the Batch 3 tracks!
  • Pokémon Violet (Switch) – the surprise game of the year for me, this one has had me hooked since I started playing. I love the open-world feel, the story and characters, and the freedom of choosing my own path. It looks great and plays well (despite a few framerate issues during cut scenes) and I’m loving every moment.

What’s on your playlist list week?