SKEASY is another ‘high score chasing’ port from RCMADIAX.  Fans of the indie developer should find this release comfortably familiar.  I suspect the majority will show limited interest though, even at its $1.49 price.  The fact that you can play the game for free on mobile doesn’t help matters.  There are a few very minor additions saving this port from outright awful territory, but the short experience is sufficient at best.

You take control of a triangle, moving it down a snowy hill while avoiding tress.  The longer you last the higher your score will be.  That is all there is.  There isn’t even a two player mode!  With just a single high score saved, how many minutes will pass before you get bored?  I say it often, but games like these truly would benefit from at least local leaderboards.

Skeasy - gameplayBoredom extends through to the visuals, with little to look upon. Trees are the only scenery. Falling snow animation isn’t always easy to see.  The triangle you control doesn’t even have any color.  I wouldn’t go so far as to call it a winter blunderland, but a wonderland this is not.

So what does this port have to justify paying for it?  Well for one, it does control a heck of a lot better.  All you do is tap left and right on the d-pad, but that’s more responsive than touch controls.  It’s also no longer a silent affair, with a mildly catchy (but too short) jingle.  Lastly there’s Miiverse to share scores and compete with others if desired.  Even so, this title is still much too basic.  It would be a more appropriate release on the 3DS eShop.

While certainly amusing for a few minutes, SKEASY is far too bare bones a title to advocate for.  It gets old extremely quickly.  I will say that it’s definitely better than RCMADIAX’s DON’T CRASH, but nowhere near POKER DICE SOLITAIRE FUTURE which is also $1.49.  We’re encouraged to “hit the slopes”, but I encourage RCMADIAX to hit the drawing board and finally wrap his original project, SUPER ROBO MOUSE.

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