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Another Month, Another Nintendo Power Tease
16 years ago

Another Month, Another Nintendo Power Tease

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Nintendo Power is at it again with another big teaser at the end of this month’s issue (vol. 232).  I don’t even want to take a guess …
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Nintendo Power reveals Castlevania Judgement for Wii
16 years ago

Nintendo Power reveals Castlevania Judgement for Wii

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  • Characters confirmed thus far – Dracula, Simon, Alucard, Shanoa, and Maria Renard.
  • Classic subweapons – holy water, magic spells, dagger, boomerang
  • Subweapon use still …
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CONFIRMED – Mega Man 9 Heading to WiiWare
16 years ago

CONFIRMED – Mega Man 9 Heading to WiiWare

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Coming from Nintendo Power:

Robot Masters

Magma Man Galaxy Man Jewel Man Concrete Man Hornet Man Plug Man Tornado Man Splash Woman

– Dr. Wily returns – …
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Nintendo Online Magazine In The Works?
16 years ago

Nintendo Online Magazine In The Works?

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According to Japanese trademark site, Nintendo Online Magazine is in the works. I have no clue what this could be? Maybe like a Nintendo power online, or …
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IGN Nintendo Voice Chat Summary

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– They talk about the iPhone 3G and Super Monkey Ball
– Bozon thinks the iPhone will become a good gaming platform
– Craig wants an air hockey game for iPhone like the demo that was shown at E3 a while back
– NCAA and Top Spin coverage coming tomorrow
– Madden 09 is looking good and has good Wiimote capabilities, feels like PES08
– Matt says it’s running at 30FPS, but “really solid,” looks noticeably better than 08
– Rock Band guitar is wireless and drums are wired, take up both USBs

– The Guitar Hero guitar won’t work on Rock Band Wii
– Hulk for Wii is horrible, has “epic fog” like in Superman 64, controls suck
– Tiger Woods > We Love Golf
– Craig downloaded My Pokemon Ranch, he can’t “find a game in there”
– The game will give you missions where you catch ___ Pokemon and bring them back
– Spyborgs is built heavily around co-op play
– Damon says it’s like a combination of Ratchet & Clank and Lego Star Wars, isn’t very excited about it
– Star Wars: Force Unleashed doesn’t look hideous, though they think some of it is bullshots
– Tenchu for Wii “came out of nowhere,” hasn’t been good since the first game, though it looks decent
– Wild Earth is basically Afrika if you “put on glasses with vasoline on them and if you were really drunk and your whole world looked sluggish,” like Pokemon Snap

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Nintendo Power Teasing us Again

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Reader: Have you guys ever fought over what the best game of all time is? I think that it’s Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword all the way but my friend picks Mario Party …
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Nintendo Power review scores

Final Fantasy A2: Grimoire of the Rift (DS) – 7.0 Mega Man Star Force 2 (DS) – 7.0 Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures (Wii) – 7.5 GRID (DS) – …
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NP: Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia Details

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– takes place in mid 1800s – “No real weapons in this game” all fighting is through Glyphs (as discussed earlier) – Glyphs dropped by enemies, found in specific locations …
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IGN – Nintendo Voice Chat summary

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Konami Embargo is up Thursday, I think. Wording was a bit weird on that.
Platinum Games Madworld game is awesome and real.
No need to read this summary.

Summary Complete:

Lost Winds:
-Best of the Bunch (Launch Titles)
-Best art design then most retail games
-$10 Worth it.
-It is short. 3 hours, though you can get lost along the way.
-Its a Super Metroid presentation. You’re not told when you go into new levels.

Defend Your Castle:
-Matt, “Shallow”
-Jump in, Jump out Multiplayer. “It’s awesome, thats when the game is really fun”
-Debate if the graphics are good or bad. The intent is bad, but thats the point of the game and it works. Still gave it 3 or 4 for graphics, they are bad, but theres a charm to it. Feels like they could have done more, they just didn’t want to. Its stylized though, but its bad.

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Nintendo Power – Wii Ski, Drone Tactics review details

By  •  DS

Drone Tactics

+ game is surprisingly well made + collectible card minigame works well + unit customization options are deep and enjoyable

– military strategy game that appeals to preteens …
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Nintendo Power June Summary

We posted the review scores from the issue (just look a little below) here is the rest of it.


Sonic Unleashed Wii (holidays) Time Hollow DS (August) MySims sequel …
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Nintendo Power Review Scores

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon : Explorers of Time/Darkness (DS) : 7.5 Drone Tactics (DS) – 7.0 Summon Night: Twin Age (DS) – 7.5 Super Dodgeball Brawlers (DS) – 6.5 Jake Hunter: …
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Nintendo Power endorses the PlayStation 2?
16 years ago

Nintendo Power endorses the PlayStation 2?

Taken from May’s Nintendo Power Issue:

The controls just didn’t make the jump to Wii as well as they should have… Okami is a work of genius, …
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Famitsu Review Score Shows Love For Mario Kart
16 years ago

Famitsu Review Score Shows Love For Mario Kart

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Just for the sake of making a larger post I went over to to check out the other review scores.

  • Famitsu Score-10,9.9,9 – 37/40
  • Official …
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IGN Voice Chat Podcast Summary

By  •  Wii, DS

Voice chat is the new name for the Wiikly review. It also has a new day. (Thanks Alkaline for the Summary)


Smackdown vs Raw 2008
DS version
– Weren’t able to go hands on with it, but the DS version seems to be turning out great – just needs traditional control and fine-tuning.
– Developed by the makers of Rocket Slime. There’s actually an RPG system with an overworld system where you upgrade certain aspects of your character (eg: arm strength, leg strength, etc).
– Looks great – like No Mercy on DS. Phenomenal 3D models. Lots of cinematic stuff with the camera.
– Single-player only. It’s really only supposed to be an “RPG.” Matt thinks this might piss some people off.
– Needs traditional controls. Touch screen controls work alright but traditional controls really are needed.
– Also contains Create A Superstar for the first time. Hopefully this turns out to be the first good portable wrestling game.

Wii version
– Looks almost indentical to last year.
– Lots of motion used – control recognition has been refined. Uses a lot more motion than most Wii games.
– Still playing catchup, but this year there is over 30 new match types (eg: barbed wire).
– The wonky Success Mode is gone, replaced by Career Mode which is the same as what you will get on PS3/360.
– Online play for the first time on Wii. It will probably be quite bare-bones but it’s a start.
– Interactive entrances and finishes. Sounds gimmicky but it sounds like it could be fun. You can continue to beat your opponent even after a match.
– Create-a-finisher and some other PS3/360 content will not be in the Wii version. The Wii version is an entirely different beast.

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BUMP: May Nintendo Power Issue Summary- Trauma Center 2 (UPDATED with full Sumary)


Lock Nation
-developed by 5th Cell
– real time strategy
– play as an archineer that builds weapons/forts to protect against an army of robots
– 2 minute time span. After 2 minutes, you battle the left-over enemies directly via touch-screen control

Trauma Center: Under the Knife 2 s
-Features Derek Stiles and Angie Thompson

-New operations, new story, new and old characters
-Plot focuses on GUILT aftermath and mysteries surrounding the virus
-Gameplay remains similar to the first game
-Some tools will have improved functionality (no word on any new tools)
-Easy difficulty setting for greater accessibility
-Summer 2008

We Ski
-Balance board compatible
-Remote + nunchuk used to gain momentum
-Turn remote/nunchuk left and right to steer if you’re not using the balance board
-Single player only with balance board, up to 4 players with controllers
-May 2008

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