Tenchu 4 Screens, Info, Tenchu 5 and 6 in the Works
13 years ago

Tenchu 4 Screens, Info, Tenchu 5 and 6 in the Works

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A lot of information is pouring in now about Tenchu 4 for the Wii including brand new screens and news of a possible trilogy.


2 Million Dollar Grant To Study The Affects of Wiihab

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The University of South Carolina has been issued a 2 million dollar grant to study the affects the Wii has on the recovery of stroke victims. Not only has the University of South Carolina received a grant to study the affects of video games, many other schools have too. Check out the descriptions below.

Cornell University’s Department of Communication will explore a cell phone game named Mindless Eating Challenge with a group of teenagers. The game makes use of nurturing virtual characters, phone cam snapshots of food, feedback from game/peers, and nutrition tips in order to steer teens into healthier eating habits.

Indiana University’s School of Health, Physical Education and Recreation has created The Skeleton Chase, an collaborative/competitive multimedia mystery game designed in part to helping newcomer students fight the “freshman fifteen” or the poundage gained by new college students in their 1st year due to alcohol intake, rich cafeteria food, fast food, snacks, and lack of proper sleep. Used to be called the “freshman ten” once upon a time.

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IGN Nintendo Voice Chat podcast summary

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Capcom event
– Coverage going up at 5 AM PST tomorrow
– Third-person Sci-Fi action game will be revealed

– Dull, bland
– Random that it was even remade

Toki Tori
– Awarded with an 8.0
– Good game, even at $10
– Fun – only downside is its price
– Straight up puzzle platforming

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Rumor: Sony Making Their Own Waggle Remote?

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Taken from an PlayStation blog:

It has been brought to my attention that PlayStation Underground held a secret focus group earlier this year. A small group of PS3 owners were …
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WayForward Talks Shantae on DS, WiiWare, and GBA

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Shantae DS: In 2006-2007 we hit pretty hard, with a massive undertaking to redo the cast of hero and enemy sprites, and about half of the sequel’s backgrounds were created by …
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Japanese Retailer Lists Details for Wario Land Shake

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  • 20 stages
  • hand-drawn animation
  • 1 player
  • locations such as jungle ruins, desert, and ocean
  • shake the Wiimote for special actions (shake enemies to grab coins, unearth hidden locations, and …
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Sim City Wii, Details

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  • Building designs: Greece, Egypt, Futuristic, Crystal, Sweet (cake buildings ), Las Vegas, Jungle, Hindu, Mediterranean, Japanese Traditional,…etc
  • Events: fire breathing dinosaurs, asteroids, people-abducting UFOs, giant mechas, etc
  • Wii IR …
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Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World Details

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These details are taken for the developers blog:

-they ditched the purely waggle-to-attack battle system because from their experiments, they found out that it was too tiring. Instead, they choosed …
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‘Castlevania’’s Koji Igarashi Still Not Convinced Wiimote Makes A Good Whip

During an Konami media event last week. MTV Multiplayer asked Castlevania producer Koji Igarashi  how would the Wii controls work on a Castlevania game?

“In regards to using the Wiimote …
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Super Mario Sluggers Info

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  • built on a brand-new engine
  • detailed story mode
  • 9 stadiums (not clear if there are more to be unlocked)
  • 4 players (2 vs. 2 / 1 vs. 2 …
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First Stand-alone Wireless Wii Nunchuck from Leading Game Peripheral Manufacturer Now Available

LOS ANGELES, California – May 5, 2008 – Nyko Technologies®, the premier game console peripherals manufacturer, today announced that the anticipated and award-winning Kama Wireless Nunchuck for the Nintendo Wii has shipped to stores nationwide. Named “Best of Show” in the Gaming category by CNET during the 2008 International Consumer Electronics Show, the Kama is the first truly wireless Wiimote controller attachment for the popular Wii console.

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Johnny Lee: Better games are coming

NWF: I’ve read in some other interviews that you have more projects coming. Can you give us any hint at all of what we can expect, or maybe when we’ll …
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11 Signs You’re No Longer a Hard-core Gamer

You avoid playing on the Wii because it’s too much effort

There’s no denying that the Nintendo Wii is a revolutionary games machine but… well, it does require a lot …
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Do I hear We(ii)dding Bells? : )
13 years ago

Do I hear We(ii)dding Bells? : )

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Check these bad boys out!  These are Wiimote Cufflinks.  That’s right, cufflinks for that special day can now be branded with your favorite new Nintendo system : )  Only …
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Miyamoto on Wii Fit

– The Wii Fit board for North America and Japan are not different. The reason the weight limit is 300 in Japan and 330 in NA is due to Japan’s …
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SPOGS Racing: Fact sheet

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Title: SPOGS Racing™
Scheduled Release Date: May 2008
Genre: Arcade Racing
Platform: Wii game system via WiiWare
Rating: “E” for Everyone
Developer: Pronto Games
Publisher: D2C Games, Inc.

Coming at you full throttle is SPOGS Racing™, an all-new racer from D2C Games™ featuring classic arcade racing, pick-up-and-play controls, all-new racing vehicles and Crash N’ Grab™ battling action. Jump in, gear up and modify your ride as you compete head-to-head for a totally outrageous arcade racing experience on your Wii™ game system. Whether you’re a casual gamer or hardcore racer, SPOGS Racing™ features fun for all and is a must have download for your WiiWare™ digital game library.

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IGN Nintendo Voice Chat Summary

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Media Summit
– Most focus was placed on Wii Fit.

Wii Fit
– Was able to go through a variety of gameplay modes and put the game to the test. Does it work? It certainly does.
– Actually woke up feeling pretty sore the next morning after doing strength contests against Chobot, felt like he had actually done hard strength training.
– Chobot fell flat on her face during the push-ups.
– Wii Balance Board senses and calculates a lot of data. Very accurate.
– As a workout tool, the game is fantastic. The mini-games like the Ski Jump are great fun. The Ski Jump requires careful balance when sliding the slope, making an upwards motion onto your tippy toes for extra height, and still maintaining balance in the air. It’s challenging but really fun.
– Matt’s really feeling it and believes it deserves all the (massive) sales it has already gotten and will continue to get when it launches in Europe and USA.

Mario Kart
– Absolutely flawless online. Blew them away.
– The offline multiplayer drops the ball because it instantly drops to 30fps when splitscreen, and still manages to chug despite not being a very pretty engine. There’s also a lack of free-for-all battle mode.
– Also, the single player mode still hasn’t progressed in any real way. It’s still dull and there’s still flaws like rubber-banding.
– However, the online multiplayer is phenomenal. You go on and are paired up with as many people as possible (12 being the max).
– Had initial issues where he couldn’t connect to the Treehouse development people in Japan, but worked perfectly after that. Absolutely silky-smooth and a lot of fun to play. Lots of stats tracking. Makes the Mario Kart Wii experience.
– Wii’s premier online game.
– New media should hopefully be coming up soon.

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