Boom Blox – info galore

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– 400 levels – may 6th, NA/May 9th Euro (dates reconfirmed) – Spielberg wanted to created a game experience that he could share with his children – three modes – …
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Nintendo Media Summit

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WiiFit – answer for core gamers looking for a unique talent – tie between expanded audience and core – tracks data up to one year long – see weight gain …
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Nintendo Hits a Home Run With Mario Super Sluggers

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The ongoing excitement over Nintendo’s groundbreaking Wii system gets a suprise springtime boost with the announcement of a new game. Kicking off its semiannual media summit in San Francisco near …
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Microsoft Answers Wiimote Questions

The controller itself isn’t much different in functionality or design from Nintendo’s Wii remote, but comes with four face buttons, an analog stick and microphone. There are also plans for …
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Icon Wireless Nunchuk Adapter
13 years ago

Icon Wireless Nunchuk Adapter

  • Easy to Use: Simply place your Nunchuk controller in the adapter, attach the supplied Wiimote adapter and sync the controllers. You are now ready to play …
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Opoona Review

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It seems to be the more traditional a game is, the more difficult it is to concoct a sensible control scheme for it using the Wii Remote. Opoona realizes this …
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US Army Looking At Wiimote Controlled Robots

Because the Wii-mote is easy to get to grips with, it’s now being looked at as away of directing robots that are used to clear dangerous mine-fields.

The controllers …
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IGN Voice Chat Summary
13 years ago

IGN Voice Chat Summary

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IGN Voice Chat Summary is the new name for the Wiik in review podcast.

Smash Sales:
-1.4 Million copies in 8 days
-1.8 Wii units produced every month
-875,000 Day 1

Obscure: The Aftermath:
-480i, 4:3, 60fps, $29
-Stiff Animation in parts
-Drop in, drop out 2 player.

Pro Evolution Soccer:
-8.6, “absolutely killer, absolutely sick”
-2 Players, online, great sports game in general, “using the wiimote is badass”

Wii Love Golf:
-Online mode for America with Mii usage.
-Zak and Wiki character.

-The game could be Kid Icarus, they know it exists, but it could not be.
-They hope its not Kirby,Icarus or DK, the games they already know about. Do hope its Pikmin or something else cool, unknown or new

Mario Kart Wii:
-Battle Mode. Fun. Going to be the main draw for people.
-They have a remake of block fort, but its not quite block fort, 70% old block fort.
-They like the DK skate park
-Sand level, Swamp Level, Snes Mario Kart battle level 4.
-Battle mode team based 12 players is badass’d
-Online looks like you’ll be forced either red or blue team

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Fragile Details

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– on a mission to find out where a town’s population has gone – animals and specters present – Wiimote is a flashlight and a ’sound detector’ that reveals …
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A Solution To Your Brawl Disk Problems?

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If you are having problems with your Brawl disk working. You may want to check out what 1UP Editor-in-chief James Mielk has to to say, before you freak out to …
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Twas the Night Before Brawl’s Launch

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Twas the night before Brawl’s launch, when all through the house
All the Smashers were dreaming, of that electric mouse
The wiimotes were charged in their cradles with care
In hopes that soon Mario & Samus would fight thereThe children weren’t anywhere near their snug beds
Because visions of smash balls danced in their heads
Peach has her turnips and Kirby his caps
And Jigglypuff will slay you when she takes a nap

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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Interview: Wii A PS2 Port!

AG: Now, with the Force Unleashed, it’s also developed on the 360 and the PS3. How do they compare to the versions you are working on. Do you use the …
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The Wiimote as an interface bridging mind and body

The Nintendo Wii is an immensely popular source of videogame entertainment, but more recently, it has been adapted for a number of different uses, such as a tool for physical therapy and as a form of exercise for geriatrics. New research from the University of Memphis, published this week in the journal PLoS ONE, has found another use: psychological experimentation. By integrating the Nintendo Wiimote with a laboratory computer, psychologist Rick Dale and his student collaborators were able to extract rich information about a person’s reaching movements while they performed a learning task.

The authors were interested in how the dynamic characteristics of arm movement change as people become better at a task. Data from the Wiimote permitted the researchers to demonstrate that body movements change systematically along with change in mental processing (in this case, learning). These results provide new evidence that cognition and action systems, still thought by many to be relatively separate subsystems in the human mind, are actually deeply intertwined.

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Man dressed up as Wiimote in PS3 line

Yes, of course this is a little old, but still good.