IGN Wiik In Review Summary
16 years ago

IGN Wiik In Review Summary

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 Thanks to Milabrega for the summary: 

-Full widescreen now
-No paper filter likely since they didn’t mention that

Biohazard 0:
-Japan only release right now
-Not a remake, not going to be running 16:9

Crap Games (Podcast Filler?):
-Agatha Christy = 4.9
-Kidz Sports International Soccer = 1.0 “A total turd”
-London Taxi Rush Hour = looks like a bad n64 game

MX Vs. ATV Untamed:
-Floaty, Frame rate is kind of weak

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Commodore 64 VC Rumors

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This isn’t a rumor about Commodore 64 coming to the VC, we already know that. This rumor talks about how the controls are going to work:

* Each C64 …
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Sakurai: Apologizes for No Voice Chat, Mentions Next SSB Game And Tons More

This was taken from an interview with Masahiro Sakurai, the creator of Super Smash Brothers Brawl:

IGN: Brawl seems like the perfect game to introduce a Wii headset for …
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Rumored Mario Kart News And Three New Screens
16 years ago

Rumored Mario Kart News And Three New Screens

  • D.K’s snowboard Cross is a half pipe sort of track. You’ll be able to drive up the side of them and pull off awesome tricks in the air.

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IGN Wiikly Review Summary

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Not sure why this is showing up now, but thanks to the people over at neogaf for putting this together.

Summary Complete:

Smash Bros.:

-Pikmin are multiple throw items.
-Matt has been trying to force himself into using the wii-mote only option. Fran a more core smash player, found he could do everything he needed to do with the option, though he still prefers to use the GC.
-Better than Galaxy/Metroid?? Matt: No, not for him. It is a really damn fine great fighter, but it does have some issues that need to be acknowledged.
-They haven’t decided who will review it, perhaps multiple people since its so huge


-Matt on SSE: Its not entirely polished, its a good single player mode but it does have its flaws
Some loading screens have ten second loads.
-Bozon “There may be a different ending i still gotta get”
-Bozon “It did start to get more fun, at about the 50% mark when you’re no longer playing to unlock characters and the evil presence really makes its mark and you want to start it”
-When it comes to review, even though we don’t love the single player much, we realize its a multiplayer oriented game so it won’t be doc’d a lot of points for what is essentially a side mode, they then go on to list the vast amounts of other side modes

MoH:Heroes Australia:

-No explanation provided for why there was no online
PR said it was a misprint on the box.


-We like it, fun Jenga-style game for the Wii, feels like it was designed for the Wii.
-Bozon originally thought it would be a mid 7.0’s game before going over to EA thinking it would be kinda meh, apparently after the EA visit he’s enthused about the game.
-Matt’s biggest let down was that in the level editor when you start to make huge levels, there could be some slow down, they hope its fixed prior to release.
-“Its one of those games that’ll get a score, but really its a fun game to play with the family”


-No advertising blowout, no TV commercials
-No New Content, but the controls are feeling better and it looks better.

Julian (Factor 5 President) Interview:

(Paraphrased responses but very accurate)

Q — Will this game push the Wii Hardware?
A — We want to push the hardware, for us its easy to push the hardware. A lot of it is exploiting the uniqueness of the Wii. On the graphical side of course we are going to try to out due everything else on the platform, like we did with the GC star wars games, but of course the emphasis is on the controls. He personally really loves the pointing device. Pointing stuff is probably the biggest innovation they are working on right now.

-Matt and Bozon talk a little about how some games over-use the waggle just to waggle(No specifics) then talk about PES and their innovative use of the IR.

Q — Are you going to use the nun-chuck controller?
A — I can’t comment yet, you try to design every game for the Wii to avoid the nun-chuck, but for some games the nun-chuck is a very viable option. When trying to go casual, the first barrier to over come is the ability to not have to use the nun-chuck.

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IGN Wii-k in review podcast summary

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THQ Dan Ryan (associate game designer) on podcast
– Could see another Smackdown game next year
– Matt thinks it’d be crazy, since usually, it’s not considered a yearly franchise
– Bozon thinks first game was a great first step for the franchise
– Fun, great first effort
– Impossible to put in all modes, etc in first game for Wii plus motion controls with no problem
– Ryan says they read reviews, take everything into account
– Can’t confirm/deny there’s another game in the works
– May want to change the game to add more interaction
– Ryan knows fans had like it, but had bigger expectations, went to casual-gaming pick up and play audience
– Anyone could play, have fun with it immediately
– Mii functionality could be taken further – Ryan loves the Wii features, weather channel can be used, mail from characters, etc.

– During the podcast, Matt and Bozon are always shirtless
– Event like last year at Wrestlemania – may get more official news there
– More interesting guests on the show in the future – Ryan exits

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If All Brawl Rumors Came True!
16 years ago

If All Brawl Rumors Came True!

For those of you who visit any Nintendo forums. The number one discussion is anything and everything Brawl.  Along with those discussions, many rumors have popped up, about who will …
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Angelina Jolie Buys Ghost Squad For Nephew, Mother Sends It Back
16 years ago

Angelina Jolie Buys Ghost Squad For Nephew, Mother Sends It Back

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[Brad’s sister] Julie was shocked when Angie sent her children the commando-style video game Ghost Squad. According to a family insider, Julie and her husband Rob sent …
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Brawl Update: Sheik (The Rumors Were Correct)
16 years ago

Brawl Update: Sheik (The Rumors Were Correct)

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Use Zelda’s down special move to transform into Sheik! Once you do so, you’ll have access to a new character completely unique from Zelda.

Sheik doesn’t …
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Tons Of Brawl Info

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These are taken from inpressions from the World Hobby fair. Thanks for Brawl central for gathering all the info.

  • Link tried to FS an opponent who had a Starman and it failed. One time during Kirby’s FS, Starmen were launched from the pot. The enemies used the Starmen and ended up KO’ing Kirby.
  • Waddle Dees are better than turnips in terms of knockback and damage. Dedede’s Suction spits out fast, but not very far and has low damage.
  • Samus cannot missle cancel. Peach can float cancel.
  • More reports of Dedede being very slow with fast atacks, but a conflicting report of his Waddle Dees being useful and spammable.
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    EGM News, Release Dates, Reviews, & Rumors


    • Miyamoto shot down a Retro developed Twisted Metal clone because it had guns on cars
    • Red Steel 2 apparently being handed to another developer because it’s not …
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    No Kirby Planned For The Wii
    16 years ago

    No Kirby Planned For The Wii

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    There had been some rumors of a last Kirby game for the GC possible coming to the Wii.  This snippet from Nintendo magazine UK, was sent in to …
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    IGN’s Mid-Week In Review

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    No More Heroes
    -Not gonna hit high scores
    -going to appeal to Killer 7 fans
    -combat can be repetitive and the open world isn’t the greatest ever
    -likes the settings, characters, tone, and art style
    -they want to show some stuff. constrained with NDAs
    -Killer 7 cameo? sp0rsk?
    -explore the game even if you don’t
    -bemoaning about how “only if Suda had more power to work with”
    -lacking some polish in areas, but still alot of fun
    -no blood in PAL NMH is lame
    -NMH does the best hack&slash. waggle H&S hasn’t been quite realized
    -think that NMH will be able to slip under the radar better than Manhunt 2, but still could end up snowballing
    -NMH not the best of the best, but really “culty-cool.” difficult not to like the content.

    Jeremy Dunnam
    -brown nosing

    -Matt is a Fattie
    -put your info in and it changes your Mii
    -Wii Balance Board=Wiibo=”cool”
    -bunch of stuff locked?
    -Balance Board is an energy suck
    -feel the “Wiibo” needs an AC adapter or some form of charger
    -gonna catch on in America
    -Matt’s balance is bad too
    -should wear athletic clothes while Wii stuff
    -convinced it will be a good workout tool
    -300lbs. weight limit could be problematic
    -having alot of fun with WiiFit
    -WiiFit=!WiiPlay. actually feels more like a real game, but with exercise (WiiSports+Brain Age?)
    -WiiFit, Wii Sports, SmartyPants good holiday games.

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    EGM Scores And Rumors

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    Galaxy- 9.5, 10, 10 NiGHTS- 7,7.5,7 RE:UC- 7.5,7.5, 6 SC Legends- 6,7, 4.5 MX vs. ATV- 6, 7, 5 Mario Party DS- 6.5, 6.5, 6.5


    Bizarre making the …
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    More SurferGirl Rumors (New Wii Zelda(s)?, Wiiware, Red Steel 2, Fight Night)

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    I’m not sure who surfergirl is or how she came on the scene, but she has a LONG LIST of some interesting rumors to share:

    • IO-Interactive’s next Hitman game, …
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    Nintendo Rumor Round-Up

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    1. Nintendo’s new handheld will see release in late 2009.
    2. Something from J.J. Abrams that is not Lost is getting the game treatment.
    3. Ubisoft Montpelier is working on Beyond Good …
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    Vice President of Marketing Perrin Kaplan: Announces Her Resignation

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    First it was George Harrison, then Beth Llewelyn, now its Perrin Kaplan’s turn to confirm the rumors of her departure from Nintendo.

    “I finally will be leaving Nintendo at …
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    Official Nintendo Magazine responds to missing exclusive in this month’s issue

    By  •  Wii

    Remember the Possible Red Steel 2 teaser in the last issue of the Official Nintendo Magazine (UK)? Well, it’s not ready to be revealed yet.  Here’s what Chris, one of …
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