Mega Man 9 Rumors

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– retro 8-bit art style

– Mega Man and Protoman playable, each with separate storylines

– storyline will not lead into the ‘X’ series

– new characters, robot masters, and …
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About Leaked News

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The last few post marked “leak,” are leaked news that will be coming from next months E3. Most of the news comes from the Microsoft presentation, which Microsoft has always …
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GamePres Editor: Rumors Of A New Nintendo Game

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“I’ve heard strong rumors that Nintendo is going to unveil an all-new game with all-new characters. E3 might make a lot of sense for that announcement, despite its smaller size …
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Tom Clancy’s HAWX Coming To The Wii?

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The has been some rumors floating around that Tom Clancy’s HAWX will be heading to the Wii. It looks like Gamestop has jumped on this rumors band wagan. This is …
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Street Fighter 4 Not Coming To The Wii, Yet!!

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This mornings Capcom news was bogus!! I am disappointed in you Capcom, I thought you were cool. Anyways, my greatest gaming fears have surfaced. Street Fighter 4 is not coming …
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Latest Japanese Trademarks

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  • Wii Summit
  • Battle Recorder
  • Vitamin Idai Maru Shokuzen

Bandai Namco

  • Mizu no Hômotsu

Square Enix

  • Smile-Lab


  • Urban Crisis
  • Ruriiro Rinne
  • Taito

  • Darius

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    IGN Voice-Chat Summary (Conduit multiplayer confirmed!, Red Steel 2 still in Development)

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    Wii Fit
    – Best Buy: Wii Fit stands completely sold out
    – GameStop: Same story
    – Been on BBC news, MTV, Good Morning show, Ellen
    – Matt believes that long term, Wii Fit will be huge – not sure if it can sell as much as GTAIV
    – Amazon, retailers in general sold out
    – Matt has Wii calisis on his palms

    Emergency Heroes
    – Straightforward racing game, semi-open world
    – Decent physics system, good speed and controls
    – Framerate jumps sometimes
    – Voice-overs are awful
    – Overall seems decent

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    EGM: Rumors and Reviews

    Taken from the July issue:


    – Animal Crossing Wii 2009 for NA – Sega bringing Top Skater and Ollie King to Wii for use with the balance board


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    Rumor: Micheal Bay Producing Metroid Movie
    16 years ago

    Rumor: Micheal Bay Producing Metroid Movie

    There have been a TON of rumors about a Metroid movie and they have all been exciting, this one is no different. According to sources Micheal Bay, …
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    EGM Rumors

    – Rare is working on a new Killer Instinct game for the 360

    – Call of Duty 5 will hit all platforms in February, 2009

    – Electronic Arts is working …
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    3 New DS Lite Colors to Europe on June 13
    16 years ago

    3 New DS Lite Colors to Europe on June 13

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    We’ve heard some recent rumors of some new colors for the DS, and now we have confirmation from across the pond! The three new colors are Red, Ice Blue, …
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    IGN Nintendo Voice Chat Summary

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    -Video review from Matt’s house coming later this week. Enjoy Stalkers.
    -No multi player mode of any kind.

    We Ski:
    -Not so good.
    -You can play 4 player mode but only one person can use the balance board
    -The mini-game in WiiFit is better than We Ski.

    ~Konami Event~

    -Rock Revolution DS
    -More of a Rhythm game. You pick from one of four instruments.
    -4 licensed songs were there
    -Not so good, its just not a very good game

    -International Track and Field DS.
    -Really good, challenging.
    -A lot of fast motioning with the stylus.

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    IGN – Nintendo Voice Chat summary

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    Konami Embargo is up Thursday, I think. Wording was a bit weird on that.
    Platinum Games Madworld game is awesome and real.
    No need to read this summary.

    Summary Complete:

    Lost Winds:
    -Best of the Bunch (Launch Titles)
    -Best art design then most retail games
    -$10 Worth it.
    -It is short. 3 hours, though you can get lost along the way.
    -Its a Super Metroid presentation. You’re not told when you go into new levels.

    Defend Your Castle:
    -Matt, “Shallow”
    -Jump in, Jump out Multiplayer. “It’s awesome, thats when the game is really fun”
    -Debate if the graphics are good or bad. The intent is bad, but thats the point of the game and it works. Still gave it 3 or 4 for graphics, they are bad, but theres a charm to it. Feels like they could have done more, they just didn’t want to. Its stylized though, but its bad.

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    Rumor: Warioware Sequel to Use Balance Board
    16 years ago

    Rumor: Warioware Sequel to Use Balance Board

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    Every now and then a rumor comes along that makes complete sense in every way. The Wii saw the release of Warioware last year, but a sequel …
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    Lost In Blue Comes To The Wii
    16 years ago

    Lost In Blue Comes To The Wii

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    Konami has updated their official product page, and have confirmed the rumors of the introduction of Lost In Blue on the Wii. The only info that we …
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    IGN Voice Chat Summary

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    The Conduit:
    -Washington D.C. is under attack by aliens
    -The All Seeing Eye, reveals hidden locations, monsters, items
    -High Voltage was going to show the trailer which ign thought looked cool, but High Voltage wants to delay the public release of the trailer to make the trailer better and fix up its issues.

    Gyrostar :
    -Looks like Tempest
    -$7, Wii-Ware Launch title
    -Visuals look better on a larger screen

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    EGM Issue Summary

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    Cover Story: Retro Revivals

    Bionic Commando
    Sonic Unleashed
    Street Fighter 4
    Tecmo Bowl: Kickoff for Wii/DS
    Alone in the Dark
    Tetris Wii
    Alien Crush Wii
    Bomberman Wii
    1942: Joint Strike
    Commando 3
    Space Invaders Extreme
    Golden Axe: Beast Rider

    Next Month Cover Story: Gears of War 2
    Next Month Previews: Banjo Kazooie 3, Infamous, Project Origin
    Next Month Reviews: MGS4, Ninja Gaiden 2, Wii Fit, Final Fantasy Tactics A2

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    D2C GamesTM, Inc. a premier developer and publisher of mass-market downloadable interactive entertainment, today revealed a new batch of screenshots from its upcoming WiiWareTM title, SPOGS RacingTM.

    In addition, the …
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