First Nunchuks, Now Wiimote Jackets?
13 years ago

First Nunchuks, Now Wiimote Jackets?

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A few days ago, James posted an article about nunchuks turning pink after leaving them in the sun for a long period of time, but now we are getting reports …
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Reggie Speaks Wii- Voice Chat Online VC And Tons More

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Today Reggie held a conference call with a few gaming sites. I was a little up set we were not invited. What about us Reggie? What about us? Umm, anyways, here’s a run down from Gonintendo about what happened. This is a must see, if your a Nintendo Fan.

Nintendo didn’t expect Wii sales to takeoff so fast

6 million Wiis sold in the US alone

No other home system has ever matched sales this quickly

No ability to stockpile systems

This is an unfortunate happening

Nintendo is doing everything possible to stop this drought

Worldwide production has been upped twice since launch

14 million to 16.5 million to 17.5 million

current production run – 1.8 million Wiis a month

production depends on components from various suppliers

work force has been tripled at North Bend, Washington

This drought benefits no one

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13 years ago


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6. Better than Duck Hunt – Metroid Prime 3: Corruption “How can we make a good shooter on the console?”

This question has been asked a thousand times and …
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Rumor – Famitsu news (FAKE)

I’ve been setting on this for a while waiting for some confirmation. Most of the Famitsu news come from Neogaf. The reason that this is a rumor right now …
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IGN’s Mid-Week In Review

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No More Heroes
-Not gonna hit high scores
-going to appeal to Killer 7 fans
-combat can be repetitive and the open world isn’t the greatest ever
-likes the settings, characters, tone, and art style
-they want to show some stuff. constrained with NDAs
-Killer 7 cameo? sp0rsk?
-explore the game even if you don’t
-bemoaning about how “only if Suda had more power to work with”
-lacking some polish in areas, but still alot of fun
-no blood in PAL NMH is lame
-NMH does the best hack&slash. waggle H&S hasn’t been quite realized
-think that NMH will be able to slip under the radar better than Manhunt 2, but still could end up snowballing
-NMH not the best of the best, but really “culty-cool.” difficult not to like the content.

Jeremy Dunnam
-brown nosing

-Matt is a Fattie
-put your info in and it changes your Mii
-Wii Balance Board=Wiibo=”cool”
-bunch of stuff locked?
-Balance Board is an energy suck
-feel the “Wiibo” needs an AC adapter or some form of charger
-gonna catch on in America
-Matt’s balance is bad too
-should wear athletic clothes while Wii stuff
-convinced it will be a good workout tool
-300lbs. weight limit could be problematic
-having alot of fun with WiiFit
-WiiFit=!WiiPlay. actually feels more like a real game, but with exercise (WiiSports+Brain Age?)
-WiiFit, Wii Sports, SmartyPants good holiday games.

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Game|Life’s Top Ten Games That Are Recommended For Your Kids This Christmas

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  1. Rock Band (360, PS3, PS2) Put Dad on the drums, Mom on lead vocals, and Sis on bass guitar. You can be just like the Von Trapp family, without …
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Martial Arts: Capoeira: Twelve Interactive’s new multi-platform title signed worldwide by Graffiti Entertainment
13 years ago

Martial Arts: Capoeira: Twelve Interactive’s new multi-platform title signed worldwide by Graffiti Entertainment

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TWELVE INTERACTIVE, a leading Italian console game developer, and GRAFFITI ENTERTAINMENT, a wholly owned video game developer and publishing subsidiary of Signature Devices, Inc. ( ) (Pink Sheets: SDVI – News) announced today that they have signed a publishing agreement for TWELVE INTERACTIVE’s second multi-platform title MARTIAL ARTS: CAPOEIRA, for Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS, PlayStation®2, PSP™. and PC. The title is scheduled for a multi-SKU release in Q4 2008.

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Wii remote makes molecular dynamics fun!
13 years ago

Wii remote makes molecular dynamics fun!

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 “We expect that WiiMD will offer scientists an easily usable tool to gain insight into simulations,” says Brown, “as well as provide an entertaining educational outreach tool to …
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Famitsu: Review Score Details

We Love Golf 9878 * Playtime: 16 hours main tourament, 40-50 for entire game * difficultly levels allow anyone to play * Controls feel good * play flows very …
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Nintendo Power News

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Release Dates

– Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney is coming out February 2008 – Okami (Wii) – spring 2008 – Sega Bass Fishing – Early 2008 – Along in the …
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IGN Wiikly Review Summary

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Victorious Boxers Revolution
– Gave the game 4.5 – was actually going to be lower, but decided against it because of the ability to use a classic controller.
– Much worse than Wii Sports boxing, which wasn’t all that great to start off with.
– Poor motion recognition.
– Camera issues, super buggy – “total pain in the ass.”

– Gave the game 7.0
– $49 which should be $29 at most – the content in the game is far too slim for the price they charge for it.
– It’s a fun game – “really good party game that anyone can play.” Good trivia game.

– Gave the game 6.2
– Only decent – very straightforward game.
– Matt’s a fan of the animated series but disappointed with the games.

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How to Plan a Rockin’ Wii Party
13 years ago

How to Plan a Rockin’ Wii Party

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The Wii is still nearly impossible to find in stores after being out for over a year, but you somehow have obtained one of these fantastic pieces of …
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Rumor: House Of The Dead 2 & 3 Coming To Wii?

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Gamefly has put up House of the Dead 2 & 3 in their list and they have a pretty good track record, so it might actually be …
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Wii-k in Review Podcast Summary

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Once again thanks to Alkaline from the neogaf forums for the Summary.


– The two receives five more games today, making them even busier than they were last week.
– Capcom have find it difficult to get stores to stock Zack and Wiki – very limited. Chobot and Peer found it different to get their hands on the game. Disappointed because the game is so awesome.

EA Playground
– Matt reviewed it – 6.6
– Wii Sports title that isn’t as good as Wii Sports.
– Overpriced at $49.99
– Bozon likes the slot-car racings, Matt thinks the paper-airplane game is ok.
– Confused as to why MySims and EA Playground didn’t have Mii Support given their distinct styles.

Cosmic Family
– Matt reviewed it – 5.0
– Really meant for young ages.
– Static 2D backdrop with little imagination.
– Has an MS paint-ish program to draw things which is kind of cool.
– Very limited and simple tasks.
– Severely overprived at $49.99
– Don’t bother with it.

– Bozon reviewed it – 6.3
– “Waggle-fest”
– First effort of a 3D fighter on Wii – pretty meh.
– There are much better fighters – DBZ 3 and Naruto.

Dragon Ball Z 3
– Bozon is pretty optimistic about it (gave first game 8.3)
– Kind of unconventional – flying combat, more based on building up super attacks.
– Tons of characters in the game.
– Should turn out really good.

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Famitsu Super Mario Galaxy Review

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Mario Galaxy 10 9 9 10

– Keeps up the feeling of “I wanna see what’s in the next level!” – Gradually builds up things available in game, keeping a good …
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