Welcome to a brand new year of Nintendo-related news and reviews! It’s time for our first playlist for the year – which Nintendo games are we playing right now?

We’re still loving Mario Party Superstars – naturally – in between our many reviews. What’s in store for 2022? There’s a lot to look forward to, and we have our own thoughts on what we’d like to see from Nintendo this year. If you haven’t already, check out our predictions for 2022. For now, let’s find out the games that have been keeping us busy lately.

Did you catch up on your own playlist over the holidays? Which games are you hoping to play this year? Let us know what you’re playing at the moment.

Pure Nintendo playlist


  • Paper Mario (N64 – Nintendo Switch Online) – I’ve always loved Paper Mario on N64 ever since it first came out and when I heard it was added to Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack, I just had to jump back in. The game still holds up great today and having the save slots on NSO helps the adventure tremendously. I’m nearing the end of the game, so it shouldn’t be much longer before I can cross this one off this list. I highly recommend this game to anyone.
  • Subnautica: Below Zero (Switch) – Over the holiday break, I decided  to check out Subnautica on Switch after hearing high praise about the port. I’ve got to say, the game is quite impressive. Visually, the game looks and runs great on Switch. I’ve been slow going on building my underwater base, although that’s mostly due to me forgetting to keep an eye on my oxygen tank.
  • Kaze and the Wild Masks (Switch) –  Kaze is a game I missed when it first released but came highly recommended by a friend. I’ve got to say, it’s a great 2D platformer. Kaze doesn’t try to hide it’s inspiration, it’s a very well done Donkey Kong Country-style game. I’ve still got a ways to go before it’s over but I can already tell Kaze is a surprise gem I’m glad I found out about.
  • Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order (Switch) – Random, I know but surprisingly I didn’t finish this game when it first came out. After seeing the new Spider-Man movie, I got into a Marvel kick and it seemed like a great time to finish Ultimate Alliance 3. I’m genuinely enjoying my time with Ultimate Alliance 3, even if the story becomes hard to follow near the end.
  • Mario Party Superstars (Switch) – There’s not much more I can say but that I have a problem. I play Superstars alot and it’s hard to put it down. Please DLC boards Nintendo!


  • Boomerang Fu (Switch) – Played this a lot with our family over the Holidays — so fun!
  • Monster Hunter Stories 2 (Switch) – Got this as a present and it’s been pretty interesting so far. I haven’t typically been into the core MH games, but this series has spoken to me.


  • Faircroft’s Antiques: The Forbidden Crypt Collector’s Edition (Switch) – This is one of several review games that make up my playlist this time. Having much enjoyed two of the previous entries in this series, it should come as little surprise that this latest is very good also.
  • RPGolf Legends (Switch) – This started pretty great, but I’ve run into some unfortunate glitches that will hopefully be patched before it releases later this month. A hybrid to keep an eye out for.
  • Sam & Max: Beyond Time and Space (Switch) – How does the canine/rabbit duo fare in this port of an older graphic adventure? Find out soon with my better late than never review.
  • The Enigma Machine (Switch) – True to the name, you’ll have to wait for my review to learn more about this game that I have mixed feelings on. Aren’t I mysterious?


  • Match Three Pirates II (Switch) – I played this game for a review. It’s a cute match-three puzzle game, similar to Bejeweled, that’s fun to keep you busy for a while. Plus, I think kids would enjoy this one.
  • Cozy Grove (Switch) – This game has been on my list for quite some time and I finally got the chance to play it. It’s similar to Animal Crossing but with a hidden object twist. Plus, there are multiple stories as you help the spirits of the island find peace in the afterlife.


  • Heaven Dust 2 (Switch) – Got this survival/puzzle game (is that a thing?) for review, and have been pleasantly surprised so far. It kind of does with Resident Evil what Lara Croft Go did with Tomb Raider, only much more involved (and appropriately violent).
  • Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword HD (Switch) – It took me this long to return to Skyloft, but I’m glad I did. I only mildly got into the original Wii version, but I’ve been having much more fun on the Switch. It helps that the motion controls are much better, or maybe I’m just more relaxed and willing to deal with the occasional annoyances. Also, I think this game has my favorite Zelda/Link relationship.


  • Mario Party Superstars (Switch) – I’m with Jes on this one, it’s a game that’s hard to put down! We’ve played through all the boards several times – and I even won a few rounds! It’s super fun and I really hope there’s some DLC in this game’s future.
  • Pikmin 3 Deluxe (Nintendo Switch) – A present that I’ve spent a lot of time delving into over the holidays with my kids. We also played it on the Wii U, but this is one Switch port that is well worth double-dipping, with two-player co-op that’s so much fun.
  • 6Souls (Nintendo Switch) – I recently reviewed this tricky platrfomer, which looks and sounds great.  Check your jumping prowess before taking this one on!
  • A Year of Springs (Nintendo Switch) – this visual novel took me by surprise – in a good way. It’s cuteness belies the depth of the story and characters in three stories that deal with a range of issues.
  • I love Finding Cats! (Nintendo Switch) – I’m playing this hide-and-seek puzzle game for a review, it’s a pretty fun way to pass the time, and there’s more to find than just cats.
  • The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks (DS) – I’ve been delving into this classic DS game in preparation for our next podcast. Is it as good as Phantom Hourglass? Tune in to find out!

What’s on your playlist this week? Let us know all the games you’re playing right now!