As the weekend approaches, it’s time to check out what’s on our playlist this week. We’ve been super busy playing the likes of Sonic Mania and Retro City Rampage, not to mention continuing with our Splatoon 2 and Ever Oasis love affairs.

Check out our playlist below and let us know what’s on your gaming agenda for the weekend.



  • Splatoon 2 (Switch): Patty and I have been super addicted to Splatoon 2. I really need to focus a bit more on the main story and Salmon Run but it’s really hard for me to stop playing ranked mode. I love Tower Control and Splat Zones the most :)
  • Puzzle Adventure Blockle (Switch): I just recently finished my Puzzle Adventure Blockle review. I had a lot of fun trying to play through the levels as fast as possible. I’m going to try and complete as many challenges as I can next time I can sit down and play for a bit.


  • TrevorChicken Wiggle (3DS eShop): Remember, your levels could be featured in an upcoming issue of PNM. Learn more about submitting your level.
  • Miitopia (3DS): Even though I beat the game, I’m still killing a few minutes with it here and there.
  • Super Sidekicks (Switch): Another ACA Neo Geo game, and a pretty decent one if you’re into sports. My Super Sidekicks review has more information on all the arcade action.
  • Sonic Mania (Switch): This review ‘s a bit later than planned, but boy have I been having lots of fun with this game. It’s like I’ve had a Quantum Leap to my childhood. If you haven’t yet, please read my Sonic Mania review. If you grew up with a Genesis like I did, this game is a must own.

Justin S

Justin Sharp

  • ARMS / Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (Switch): Had some family in town this past weekend for the solar eclipse and played a lot of ARMS and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe :)
  • Ever Oasis (3DS): Still trying to finish up this game so I can buy some new 3DS titles I want.



  • Splatoon 2 (Switch): Same story as last week. Sure, some little things bother me like not being able to switch loadouts in between matches or a better voice chat system, but the overall experience itself shadows all of it. I certainly can’t wait for the next round of updates.
  • Kirby: Triple Deluxe (3DS): Special thanks to Justin Sharp for gifting this to me a while back. I never had any interest in the 3DS’ first Kirby game mainly due to my indifference to the franchise at times. However, even with a difficulty that borders on super easy, Triple Deluxe was a fun distraction. It’s not until a little further in Kirby’s journey up a magical beanstalk where I began to see an uptick in some platforming challenge. In the end, despite being a distraction for me, it was a charming yet fun one. But, now I can understand why some 3DS owners enjoyed Planet Robobot more. Still, thanks to Justin for cart. I owe you one for sure.


  • Eminage Original (3DS): I’ve been playing this for my upcoming review, and I’m enjoying it as a pretty in-depth RPG.
  • Pokémon Suffle (mobile): I am on Main stage # 310Heath
  • Pokémon GO (mobile): I just hit level 27.



  • Retro City Rampage DX (Switch): I thoroughly enjoyed my time with this hilarious, retro-fueled game. Check out my Retro City Rampage DX review to find out more!
  • Chicken Wiggle (3DS): Trev’s Chicken Wiggle review inspired me to try this one out, and I’m glad I did. It’s a fun little platformer.
  • LEGO City Undercover (Switch): This week we tackled the mining level in our quest to collect everything. We also found silly ways to race each other there, destroying many cars along the way.
  • Magikarp Jump (mobile): Apparently I’m still playing this, what is wrong with me? My latest Magikarp, Buffy, is generation 111, while I’m a rank 71 Trainer. We’re working our way through the Elite Four League.

What do you think of our list this week? Are you into anything retro at the moment, or busy playing something brand new? Let us know your own playlists in the comments section.