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Since the first day he was able to pick up an NES controller, Harrison hasn't looked back on the one video game company that has given him so many vivid memories. Described as a "proud American but a prouder geek," Harrison's love for all things pop culture got its start with Nintendo and soon blossomed into an infectious love for reading, writing, and, of course, playing video games for days on end. After graduating from the University of Missouri School of Journalism, Harrison started podcasting and writing freelance articles about the entire gaming industry before joining Pure Nintendo Magazine as a contributing writer. He's also known to have an unhealthy and uncontrollable obsession with the Metroid and The Legend of Zelda. NNID: HybridMETA
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Review: Tank Troopers (3DS eShop)
3 months ago

Review: Tank Troopers (3DS eShop)

Nintendo is no stranger when it comes to crafting a game that revolves around warfare and a colorful and dynamic cast of characters all bundled into a cute package. We’ve …
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